Pacific Electrical Systems

Custom project management system

Business Overview

Pacific Electrical Installations (PEI) has executed projects ranging from distribution overhead contracts to 500 KV. Many projects were awarded to PEI based on the constraints faced, including the schedule, terrain and public engagement.


Pacific Electrical Installations was awarded a 10-year contract with BCHydro for two regions. This meant they needed to go from one office to three offices across BC in just a couple of months. Their current system worked great for a small administrative staff, but the issue is scalability. They didn’t have a hub or single point of truth that all teams could work from. PEI required the ability to share documents from the office staff to crews in the field in real-time.  

Recommended Solution

Build out a custom project management system that fits the workflow of PEI. After a few meetings and workshops to understand the process that PEI followed Calico proposed building out a simple way to create work orders & tasks and then attached documents to those tasks. Breaking out the units of work into tasks allows for more functionality. Things like scheduling, costing, reporting and getting statuses were now possible in the system.

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Web Development

Vue was chosen due to its easy adoption for new developers, the framework also allows developers to build complex user interfaces using the MVVM architecture.

  • Vue.js

  • Vuetify 

Backend Development

NET Core is a cross-platform version of .NET for building backend services and was selected knowing we had to deploy the code to an Azure app service. 

  • Net Core

  • C#

  • PostgresDB

Cloud Infrastructure

Azure provided all the tooling that was required for the project and holds a data center in Canada which was one of the requirements that PEI had.

  • App Service

  • Azure Postgress

  • Azure Storage


Feb. 3rd, 2020 the project management system went live to a small team. Starting with just one region and a few users we were able to work out any bugs before the system gets released to the whole company.