Simple Practice

A cloud-based, award-winning practice management solution

Business Overview

SimplePractice is a cloud-based, award-winning practice management solution that provides the tools for health and wellness professionals to run their practice more efficiently.


SimplePractice was looking to take some workload off their development team, which meant upgrading the marketing site to a platform the marketing team could work with. SimplePractice was looking for a team to migrate their CMS from Refinery (Ruby) to Wordpress.

All the custom screen needed to be migrated to a custom WordPress theme, this involved using the current SASS style sheets in the Ruby project while building out templates in WordPress.

Recommended Solution

Calico proposed utilizing the Roots development tools for building out a custom theme. Sage “WordPress starter theme that lets you build better themes faster with improved development tools.” would help streamline the theme development process. This way, we could use the current SASS files with only small adjustments.

Sage and Bedrock also fell in line with the deployment process with SimplePractice required using Pagely. Pagely allows theme deployments via GIT source control and the Pagely CI/CD pipeline.

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Technical Stack

Web Development

Using the Roots development tools (Sage & Bedrock) Calico build out the custom templates with HTML, Javascript and the existing styles from the old site. Calico also had to migrate over all third party widgets and get them working with the new site.

  • Wordpress

  • Sage

  • Bedrock

  • SCSS 

Hosting Infrastructure

SimplePractice went with Pagely due to their outstanding customer support, staging environments and CDN. Pagely, allows for a great developer experience for development and deploying to production.

  • Pagely


All 60+ pages were migrated over successfully while adding 10 new pages and 15 custom templates. The SimplePractice marketing website is now live at