Mountain Equipment Company

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The Mountain Equipment Company is recognized as one of the most important players in the Canadian market for outdoor and related products, throughout the years, since 1971.


MEC has adapted to new trends in order to maintain their position in their niche, but the advent of technology has changed the game. As expected, internal purchasing, logistics, storing, and selling had to adapt to new technologies on a daily basis. Additionally, e-commerce is having a significant impact on the MEC market, which has been performing admirably up to this point. To maintain the current position, a variety of internal systems trace different paths over time, and those different technology applications require better and more cohesive communication, which necessitates an important part of the Calico knowledge, Systems Integration.

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An abstraction of the current ERP/MQ IBM system's Order History and Order Details, acting as API endpoints securely exposed the backend data and integrating with the NextJS headless storefront application. This application API will use AWS Lambda as a computing service to run the implemented code in response to events and manage the resources required, securely querying the server (XML), receiving requested data, processing it, and returning it to the frontend as JSON.