Bon Voyage Medical

Lab Clinic Management Web System - from conception to completion

The Problem

Creating appointments at the reception area or online booking system, running tests on lab equipment, bar code printing, analysing results, organising patient data, and other tasks were carried out simultaneously and manually by different staff members at different locations. Slow performance and numerous errors were two of the most significant issues produced by the widespread modification of data by a variety of individuals and instruments.

Client Profile

Prior to the pandemic, BVM started a service that offered a variety of lab tests and exams at different locations in the Vancouver area. They are an accredited lab with more than 700 five-star reviews, offering tests at multiple locations, including Vancouver International Airport. Testing services are offered in serveral languages such as Mandarin, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Farsi. A emergency phone line provides the flexibility to fix issues quickly in an emergency, meeting the often unexpected needs of international travellers.

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Solution Provided

In record time, Calico delivered an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The solution is a proprietary integrated web application, interfacing with other applications to enable consistent data manipulation, which enhances company-wide performance and minimises errors.

Next Phase

Using the groundwork that has already been laid, a comprehensive solution will soon be implemented to free the organisation from all other third-party applications, allowing a single solution to manage their entire business process.

Technology Summary

  • Python FastAPI Backend

  • Vue.JS Single Page Application (SPA) Portal

  • Gitlab Runner CI/CD and Deployment Pipelines (YAML)

  • JSON and RESTful API

  • Hosted on DigitalOcean Droplets

  • PyTest Unit Tests

  • PostgreSQL Database with Alembic Migrations